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Edward began his journey in Chinese medicine in Atlanta, GA nearly 28 years ago under the guidance of Dr. Charles Hall, PhD. Dr. Hall, also known as "Crazy Owl," was known for his knowledge of Chinese herbalism, Jin Shin Do, and Chinese medicine. Edward studied with Dr. Hall for several years until realizing he wanted to pursue Chinese medicine as a career.

Moving back to the mountains where he was born opened up a new path for him when Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine opened and he was accepted as one of the founding students of the school in 1996. 

After graduating from JTS Edward began his practice and eventually opened and operated 2 other offices in the High Country area for several years. 

In 2010 Edward was approached by Dr. Sean Marshall, President of Jung Tao School, to become Clinic Director. He accepted and was Clinic Director until August of 2011. Following Dr. Marshall's death in 2011, Edward became Vice President of Jung Tao School and Director of IT and Publishing. 

After stepping down from his duties at Jung Tao School in 2016, Edward continues to own and operate Hiddenknoll Acupuncture Clinic, located in Boone, NC.

Edward D Elliott, LAc, DiplAc


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